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Diocese of Fairbanks List of Needs 2014

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Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Faith, Hope, Love

March 21, 2014

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


     Thank you for joining me in making our diocese's annual Faith, Hope and Love Appeal a great success. This year, and every year, your support is needed to build the appeal to something that our Youth and Young Adult Ministry Program can count on to help fund its annual budget and that our retired priests can rely upon in their late years. It cannot be accomplished without your support.


     As you well know, our missionary diocese is among the poorest dioceses in the nation, but I remain very hopeful that we will continue to receive funding through ongoing appeals and from our generous Alaskan parishioners.  It is a fact that we rely heavily for most of our funding on benefactors outside of Alaska.  But, it is only in unison with our generous benefectors in the "lower 48" and the prayers and contributions of our parishioners here in Alaska that we are able to keep this vast missionary diocese "on the trail."


     Last year, due exclusively to your generosity and prayers, we raised $75,662 by this appeal effort!  Half of those funds will be used to assist our newly established Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry Program and to fund our Retired Priest Endowment.  Thanks to your gifts, the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Program can continue to make great strides in its ongoing efforts of developing diocesan-wide catechetical projects, scripture studies, fellowship opportunities and more.


     Similarly, the other half of these gifts will be placed in our Endowment Fund for our Retired Diocesan Priests.  It is comforting to be able to provide for our priests - who have baptized our children, preached the Gospel, presided at weddings, comforted our sick and dying, celebrated the eucharist, and labor tirelessly in the Lord's most northern vineyard - as they arrive at their retirement years.








     Exciting things are happening in our Missionary diocese due in large part to your generous gifts and prayers.

     The 2014 Faith, Hope and Love appeal will continue to focus on supporting these same Diocesan ministries and needs:

  • Diocesan Youth and Young Adult Ministry Programs
  • Diocesan Priests Retirement Fund


  • Unrestricted or other Restricted

     Please pledge your gift now, and remember to send in your prayer requests even if you are unable to support the appeal with a financial gift. Prayers are necessary to ensure the total success of this year's Faith, Hope, and Love Appeal.


Sincerely yours in Christ and Mary,

Archbishop Roger L. Schwietz, O.M.I.
Administrator, Diocese of Fairbanks